So, there comes a phase in every copywiter’s life when the world becomes anything but a big question mark.

Yes, the very familiar feelings of self-doubt, suspicion, depression et all. And the biggest of them all, UNEMPLOYMENT! (or the empty mind – devil’s workshop syndrome)

So when your daily routine used to be drag yourself off the bed-take a dump-rush to wok-get bored-get wasted-and off to sleep, you are now a mere wake up-take a dump-stare at the ceiling-off to sleep.

Will creativity keep you alive? A reason big enough to look past the extra kilos? And the quintessential ‘bad habits’? The ass-kissing and false praises? Or will the big dream die a slow excruciating death?

Now thats for you to decide.

As for me, I try and put up a fight.


I complete a month today as a copywriter, on my first job. Here are a few things that I have learned:

  • Your day starts only 2 hours before the deadline.
  • The art guy needs medical attention, especially when under pressure.
  • The trainees are like small insects. They are there for no purpose other than dropping in when you are having your much needed snack.
  • The smokers form a gang.
  • There is ALWAYS a joker in the team.
  • No matter how much you love what you are doing, you will always crib.
  • The boss may find you talented, yet none of your work gets approved.
  • The clients don’t know English- or any other language you communicate in.
  • The clients always want things asap.
  • You come up with awesome, groundbreaking, earth shattering ideas. But in the end – the boss IS your BOSS!
  • Copywriters are always hungry. Art people are always sleepy.
  • The net is always down when you need to send in the final presentation.
  • An advertising agency cannot function without Trance music.

I think my ear is bleeding.